Get to Know Me


Hello there! It’s me, Satiya

Well, actually it was planned to be Bagja Satiya Perkasa, but it’s finalized without Bagja on the birth certificate. Respectively it’s bliss, truth, and valor if you wanna know the meaning behind those name. Mild dominant nature behind this blog. One amongst 254 million people in Indonesia. Native Sundanese born in rural area in Bogor, 10 years raised in Palembang, then lived in Depok. A part-time industrial engineer and full-time internet surfer. Those ENTP person out of 16 Myers Brigs PT. 24/7 generalist-specialist. However, I have personal preference in personal development, technology, literacy, a little bit in politics, while addicted to art most of the time. I spent my spare time capturing moments and listen to music, not to forget that it’s always been my dream to go to places I can’t even pronounce. Last but not least, 7 will always be my 2nd favorite number.

Every single post in this blog are about things I put attention to, or simply thoughts I wanna share to. A words, worlds, and everything in between. Anyway, I hope you enjoy exploring this blog, and please do not hesitate to leave your comment or drop your question. Happy reading!

– – –

P.S. All of my account listed as Satiya Perkasa or bagjasatiya, so you could search it on google or simply reach me further on;

wordpress linkedin twitter facebook instagram


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